Create a Map for Agricultural Land Damage Assessment due to War and Natural Calamities

Farming faces big challenges when wars or natural disasters hit. Figuring out the damage to agricultural land is crucial. That’s where tools like MAPOG come in. This article is all about “Agricultural Land Damage Assessment due to War and Natural Calamities.” We’ll explore simple ways to understand and tackle the damage, using tools like MAPOG. … Read more

Create Map for Worldwide Noise Pollution Analysis Using Heat Map

Create Map for Worldwide Noise Pollution Analysis Using Heat Map

Unveiling Noise Pollution: Worldwide Analysis In MAPOG, let us converge our means available and join in the task of using both technology and natural awareness, so that we may initiate a move towards the future of sustainability, using the language of noise, so let´s decipher it with accuracy and clarity. Through MAPOG, we can discover … Read more

Create a Map to Extract Forest Areas Using Filter Tool

In the realm of environmental analysis and land management, extracting specific geographic features from larger datasets is essential for informed decision-making. In this use case, we explore the extraction of forest areas from a larger dataset using the Filter Tool in MAPOG Map Analysis. By uploading a shapefile of the region and a forest area … Read more

Adding More Attributes to a Shapefile – Create new map and share

Welcome to MAPOG! Today, we’re thrilled to guide you through the process of enriching your shapefiles by adding additional attributes using our Map Analysis Tool. By following a few simple steps, you’ll be able to enhance the depth and detail of your mapping projects, unlocking new insights and possibilities. Whether you’re in urban planning, environmental … Read more

Create a Map for Pipeline Impact Zones: A Step-by-Step Guide

In energy infrastructure management, ensuring the safety and integrity of pipeline networks is very important. The influence of pipelines extends far beyond their physical footprint, encompassing the communities, ecosystems, and infrastructure that lie in their vicinity. Understanding and mitigating the potential risks of pipeline activities necessitate a holistic approach. In this article, we delve into … Read more

Revolutionizing EIAs: The Role of GIS Maps, Bearing Angle, Route Compass, and Distance in Civil Engineering

Explore the intersection of cutting-edge technology and environmental responsibility in civil engineering. This article focuses on Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs), emphasizing the role of the MAPOG Route Compass in precise spatial analysis. Discover how this innovative tool revolutionizes decision-making, shaping a future of conscientious engineering practices. Key Concept MAPOG Route Compass is vital for construction … Read more

Creating an Online Interactive Map for Residential Land Use and Buffer Analysis with Thematic Visualization

MAPOG uses geospatial intelligence to analyze Residential Land Use in Natural Reserves, enabling decision-makers to balance conservation and community needs. It helps identify sustainable development opportunities and informs regulatory frameworks, promoting responsible land management. Key Concepts to Identify Residential Land Use in Natural Reserves! The project’s output map visualizes residential land use in natural reserves, … Read more