wool project


Wool is a protein fiber built in a very similar way as a human hair. It is also very strong and has a great elastic properties. My project is based on the idea of using wool in the same way as glass fiber in a ‘fiberglass’ material. Few layers of wool mixed with bioresin put on top of each other and then covered with few layers of bioresin.

Shapes covered with ‘fiberwool’ were made from a beeswax. After ‘fiberwool’ dried I was able to melt out a wax from inside of ready shape and use it again for another mold.

My work is made from two seperate parts. First is a group of vases made in a way explained above and the second one is a wool pattern study. While I was working with vases I started to be very interested in wool patterns appearing under a layers of bioresin. 



Fuzzy things

It's hairy, elastic, hot and curly. It can be prickly and fat but also soft and fluffy. It shrinks when you rub it, it's natural flamskyddat and some -. It's inherently biodegradable. In the fuzzy things exhibit shows art and design misleading collective objects of Swedish Wool for the home. Carpets, sculptures and lighting.

Wool is a material with many unique characteristics but here in Sweden we are bad at taking on this resource. A lot of wool is discarded every year in a lack of interest and capacity to take on it, therefore the misleading collective has chosen to do an exhibition to highlight the potential of fleece for the future design.

JUTRO Collective is group of four designers / artists, Sophia Wallgren, Marcin Pogorzelski, Karolina Persson and Vega Määttä Siltberg. They started the group when they were studying at konstfack and their backgrounds are in textiles, bildpedagogik, design, ceramics and industrial. What has joined them is the interest in the environment and the desire to work through art and design to work on environmental and sustainability issues.