Almost two weeks ago I had a nose septum surgery which quite effectively made me bedridden for some time. As a recovery I was advised not to stress,  work and avoid physical activities. Sounds nice, besides the fact that my nose was twice the size for the first few days and the part with no activity was not fun either. I am rather a person who can't sit still. During the after surgery meeting with my doctor all of the foreign bodies have been removed from my nose holes, I was told that everything went wonderfully and my body is handling the recovery very well. I actually felt fine myself. A bit weak and slightly heavier after not moving from home during the whole recovery period when the most demanding exercise was a toilet expedition but definitely ready for an easy bike reconnaissance of my closest forest neighborhood. 


Approximately two hours of low tempo crank spinning accompanied by early spring wonders of nature. Obviously, intertwined by a few stops to capture astonishing sunlight flickering through thick forest. I know this area like my own pocket and it was supposed to be a very chill ride so no map, gps, electronics or even strava needed. My bike, photo camera and me. Pure relaks. I must say that this kind of mindset had a very positive impact on my calm and peaceful micro adventure experience. Paying well deserved attention to every rock, root or still half frozen forest puddles that I rolled by. The forest’s spring aura made me feel like I was wandering through a fairytale. 


For the last, more or less, three months all of the walks, runs or rides were set in a winter scenery. Very cold, quiet and everything covered in white. While now I was riding my bike just in a base layer and a thin wind jacket, not even wearing gloves. Didn't have to worry about freezing my fingers off, putting myself in hypothermia or any other winter stuff. But most importantly… everything was green. 


Forests in the area where I live have a very magical quality. Right after all of the snow melts in the end of a winter season it reveals it’s green beauty. It happens because most of the local flora is evergreen. The woodland is mainly inhabited by conifers and carpeted with blueberry bushes, mosses and those very characteristic light greenish reindeer lichens. Everything sunken, in a quite low , afternoon, orange-yellow sunlight. Accompanied by singing birds and squirrels running happily around. Magic.


Because of the goalless character of the improvised loop around the local greenwood. I decided to try a newly learned photo shooting technique which could make my bike photos a bit more dynamic. Actually it also revealed quite a different time perspective which I observed while shooting. It reminded me of a ghost photo capturing, a record of a temporary and fleeting existence in a particular moment. This effect is allowed to extend the photo's time frame in comparison to a typical photo shooting where the camera is set in a way to catch a moving object in focus. It simply shoots in a “blink of an eye”, similarly to the way how our eye operates. By extending this interval, I was able to make a photo of a longer time period. Which allowed me to manifest the magnificent relation between time, moving object and the static background of surrounding nature.  So by using it, theoretically, I can show a different time perception to a future picture viewer. It also interestingly exhibits transience of a moment and liquidity of our existence. 

Who knows, maybe one day scientists will discover that this is how trees can feel our presents around them. Ok, now it’s too far... 

With this thought in my mind I decided to head back.. From this point the goal was pretty simple. Home. Here I recognised that I started to push harder and harder. I was experiencing much bigger fun just out of simple synchronization between my body and a bike, efficiently reacting to everything that forest's surface had to offer. Focusing all the attention on riding rather than my surroundings.  That was a good effort and a great pleasure to feel this edgy feeling again. Eventually I think I spent more time with a camera in my hand then riding a bike during this recovery trip but I guess that was the whole point of it. Deep forest photobiking relaxation.

Ride safe Folks ✌

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