Silver arrow was a fun and side project of mine. 

In a very short, it was a bike build project.

In the beginning of the whole proces it was supposed to be just a help in picking a right bike for the future user.

After a long discussions about a future needs considering a bike, way of use, level of biking skills, expectations and aesthetics, I started to search for a bike meeting all her expectations.

- wide MTB tyre clearance

- rear rack mountings for panniers.

- comfortable long distance geometry

- flat handlebar

- front suspension

- 2x10 gearing, wide range of gearing both for uphills and downhills

- will be used both in every day life and for a biketouring trips

- silver and black colors

Unfortunately after some time I discovered that there are no bikes meeting all the needs in a certain price tag on the market. So...

I've built a new bike by recycling the old ones. 

I found a frame from one of the top brands in a great shape which was perfect for a future user both by size and geometry, I stripped the old paint out to reveal an original and beautiful color of raw aluminium.

For a gearing system I decided to pick Deore M6000, very reliable 2x10 with a 11-42 cassette. As this is a heart of a bike I decided to buy a completely new set.

Front suspension is a RockShox 30 black. Great and very reliable air suspension.

Wheels are from XCO race bike, strong and light. 

As a final touch, I picked an ergonomic bio leather grips which are irreplaceable for a long distance touring but also perfectly match my friend's everyday clothing style.

3months of search, building and fun.