Offee_sthlm is an idea of creating natural and alive products for our green friends living among us. Our products are made from a mixture of brewed coffee grounds collected from a local coffee shops in Stockholm with fully biodegradable and compostable polymer.

We have created a family of plant’s accessories which will be living with it’s inhabitants, create a natural relationship between a plant and a product it is kept in. Since our material is Biodegradable it will start to dissolve right after it will be introduced to bacterias living in a soil. During this slowly process coffee grounds are being released from biopolymer mixture and starts to fertilize a plant. While the outer side of a pot is completely stabile. OffeeBowl's lifespan in a home environment is approximately 3-5 years and more it depends from environment it is kept in, amount of light it will be exposed to and how it will be treated. After a period of time when degradation process will make a pot unusable you can simply compost it in your home compost if you are lucky to have one or you can send it back to us and we will recycle material for a further purpose. 





















You can see here how our product is degrading form inside on this photo. This is around 1mm wall offee_pot prototype after 6 months of hosting a plant inside. All of our products has minimum 5mm thick walls which makes it’s lifespan around 3-5 years.


All of those products are handmade in Sweden. Even though our work is focused around industrial materials we are creating our designs by using only manual processes. They are much closer to a craft then industrial production. That is why none of our products are exactly the same. Coffee patterns are result of a mixing process developed by us. The amount of coffee grounds used in every OFFEE_BOWL differs which makes patterns darker and lighter.