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Our mission is to create a natural environment for our green friends living among us.  We have designed a family of plant accessories which will be co-living with their green inhabitants, forming a natural relationship between the plant and the pot it is kept in. Our bowls are made from a mixture of brewed coffee grounds collected from local coffee shops in Stockholm and fully biodegradable and compostable polymer.


Of course we are not using any rondom coffee to produce an OFFEE pots. To provide the best environment for a future OFFEE inhabitants we need to be sure the coffee we are use is 100% organic. We also aim for the best working environment for everyone in our material production chain so FAIR TRADE is just must have for us. That is why we are collaborating with our friends from KARMA COFFEE. We know very well that they do far beyond that.

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Our material is biodegradable, which means it will start dissolving right after being introduced to the bacteria living in the soil you place in the bowl. During this gradual and slow process, coffee grounds will be released from the biopolymer mixture and start to fertilize the plant, while the outer side of the bowl will remain completely stable.
OFFEE_BOWL's lifespan is between 3 and 6 years in a home environment, depending on conditions it is kept in, amount of light it is exposed to, and the way it is treated. After a period of time, when degradation process makes the bowl unusable, you can simply place it in your home compost – if you are lucky enough to have one – or you send it back to us and we will recycle the material for its further re-use.

This picture shows how our bowl is degrading on the inside. This is around 1mm wall OFFEE_BOWL prototype after six months of hosting a plant inside. All of our products have minimum 5mm thick walls, which makes their lifespan around 3-6 years.

All of our products are handmade in Sweden. Even though in our work we use industrial materials, we are creating the bowls by using only manual processes. This is why we consider it a craft rather than industrial production. That is also why none of our products are exactly the same. Coffee patterns are the result of a manual mixing process. The amount of coffee grounds used in every OFFEE_BOWL differs which makes patterns darker and lighter.

The amount of grounds used to produce one OFFEE_BOWL is comparable to the amount used to make 4-6 coffee cups in a coffee machine.




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OFFEE_BOWLs are for indoor use only. They can be cleaned with room temperature water. NEVER put them into a dishwasher. For a shiny finish you may use natural beeswax or paste, which will also protect the outer surface. We like to think about the material OFFEE_BOWLs are made from as about any other natural material common in everyday use, like leather or wood. They all need to be taken care of. It is in your hands to remain a happy OFFEE_BOWL owner for a long time.