offeeStone Lamps

OffeeStone is a material driven project. After research focused on how people understand materials used in everyday products. I found out that human’s understanding of a material is based on a past behavior and experiences regarding to this particular material. What it means is that through different experiences and behaviors  brain is building links between memories connected with them. For example when a person see a concrete block he or she can presume that it is heavy or what is a touch feeling of it. It’s because this person saw and felt things made out of concrete before and a brain already built connections between memory of a material and experiences related with it.


Going further I realised that most of everyday products nowadays are made from a very durable materials. Probably because consumers are used to it and also can rely on it. But since those materials were introduced to the market consumer’s behaviour changed. Everyday products are not kept at home for few generations any more. Consumers developed a new way of using things… Temporarily.


My previous project was about upcycling industry wastes to create new kind of material with bonus for environment. Using brewed coffee grains, potato starch and salt water I created biodegradable plant pots as an alternative for a very common plastic pots used for distributing plants. The aesthetics of this material were very earthy and natural looking. I found out that most of new generation of sustainable or biodegradable materials has those aesthetics.

For this project I didn’t want to develop new kind of binder for coffee mixture but use one of biodegradable plastics which are already on a market and create everyday product made out of sustainable and biodegradable material which doesn’t have those so commonly used aesthetics in this type of products.


OffeeStone is a mixture of biodegradable and compostable in home environment bioplastic  with brewed coffee grains. By the special processes it is possible to achieve different variations of stone looking surfaces. What helps to create consumer’s trust in new type of material. The whole idea behind those lamps was to create long lasting product but with possibility of degrading it without harm for environment when it’s no longer needed.


Shape of a lamps is a result of few workshops made with different kind of everyday products consumers. Co-design was a tool to create a shape of word ‘temporary’. As a final piece I wanted to achieve contrast between very light and delicate shape connected with a solid durable looking form.