Freezing, mudy, wet and BEAUTIFUL. 50/50trip.

MtbTrail/Gravel. Day/Night. Stressed/Chilled.

It started as one of those 80km trips where things were not going straight. It was supposed to be drizzling for one or two hours and it rained for a whole day. I forgot to pack my bike lights, so I had to ride back home, not far, fortunately but still. When I approached the grocary to stack up the eatables I realised I didn't have a key to my bike lock. Few root slides just after entering the forest and me eating dirt on a trail... But...

It was also a meaningful kind of a mental trip for me. I realised that in the moment I accepted all the inconveniences around me and focused on positive things. Like ability of my body to adjust, incredibly fresh colors of nature when it reins, experiencing a connection with animals I passed by on a trail, those super green spots in the forest carpeted with moss, this childhood fun of getting in all the water puddles on the way and getting really muddy, ability of stopping by and shooting some nice pics. My mood just came back to a right place and I enjoyed it no less than a summer, sunny trip


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